Chokri Bouheni is a Special Counsel at SASLO's Litigation Team. He has 25+ years of legal experience in many different legal fields.

Prior to joining SASLO, Chokri spent two decades working in various capacities as senior member of Tunisia's state and regional administrations for education, including the role of Assistant Director for Human Resources, Legal Director and Governance Director at the Ministry of Education of the Government of Tunisia.

During his tenure at the Ministry, he advised on the authoritative application of regulations, rules and procedures governing human resource management, including such issues as the conduct, rights and obligations of staff; the legal status of staff and their dependents; matters related to disciplinary measures etc.

Chokri  specializes in preparation of tender documents for public procurement, as well as drafting and reviewing various types of commercial contracts (i.e. housing lease contracts, sales promises for lands and apartments, real estate sales contracts, construction contracts etc.). He represented the Ministry before the judicial authorities in various lawsuits filed against the Ministry. His role included drafting court memos, representing the Ministry in disputes related to the application of the specifications of public tenders and deals, representing the Ministry in the administrative disputes, providing legal advice to various departments and following up on the execution of judgements.


Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Administration and Public Finance , Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Tunisia, 1993.



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