About us

Said Al Shahry & Partners (SASLO) is a premier full-service Omani law firm with offices in Muscat, Sohar and Salalah. We have strong local roots and a deep understanding of Omani law and practice and have been a leader and influencer in the Omani legal market for almost three decades. Our team of local and international lawyers is one of the largest in the Sultanate of Oman and delivers premium quality Omani legal advice to the very highest standards of international best practice.

Our History

SASLO was founded in 1992 by our current Managing Partner - Said Al Shahry and was one of the first legal firms to be established in the Sultanate of Oman. We have strong local roots and a deep understanding of Omani law and practice, with excellent Regulatory and Government connections. For three decades the Firm has been a leader and influencer in the Omani legal market.

In 2008 SASLO Legal Training Centre (SLTC) was founded by Said Al Shahry to provide legal training and continuing education in Oman and the GCC region. Over the years SLTC has trained over 8000 professionals from both the public and private sector in support of its mission to develop the legal profession in Oman.

We operate from new purpose-built offices in Muscat and have now expanded through branch offices in Salalah and Sohar – the two major industrial centres in Oman.

The Firm has grown to become a leading, globally recognised, Omani law firm - connecting local legal expertise to international markets.

Our Values

We are a friendly and inclusive multi-cultural, multi-national organisation with lawyers and others drawn from many different jurisdictions around the world.

Our diversity of people, clients and cultures is a reflection of the diverse culture in Oman.

We will always operate with independence, honesty and integrity.

We treat everyone with respect, consideration and courtesy.

We care about the communities within which we work and embrace the concept of “giving something back” to those communities.

Our People

We understand that our people define our success, and they are valued by the Firm and clients alike. We recruit and train exceptional talent to meet the highest standards of service and integrity. Our lawyers are both creative and collaborative – working as a team alongside clients to provide innovative legal and commercial solutions. We also look after the wellbeing of our people to ensure they are both happy and challenged in their work - sharing in success with clients.

Our Clients

We never forget that our clients must be at the heart of everything we do. We are well aware of the needs of clients to provide an exceptional service that delivers value - on time and on budget.

The Firm is fortunate to represent a truly exceptional list of clients ranging from global corporates and international law firms to private and Government organisations in Oman.

Our International Practice

In a dynamic and changing world we recognise the need to be able to offer global solutions to our clients. As an independent law firm, we work with like-minded lawyers around the world and have strong personal relations with many of the best international firms in all major jurisdictions. Using our network of trusted firms, we also provide legal solutions that are sensitive to local cultures across the countries of the Gulf region.