SASLO has a varied expertise in a wide variety of legal matters related to the education and training sectors. Our lawyers provide strategy and counsel to meet the unique legal needs of public and private elementary and secondary schools, colleges, institutes and universities.

This has involved undertaking work not only on the corporate establishment side, advising on the appropriate entity  structures and corporate vehicles but also assisting with licensing, approval and regulatory matters in order to allow them to function as educational and training institutions. Our lawyers advised international schools on commencing operations in Oman, assisted them with the cooperation agreements and affiliations, as well as helped them obtain all necessary approvals. We provide counsel to schools, colleges and universities in the purchase and sale of real estate and other assets. We advise government and private entities on financing and construction of schools and university projects (drafting and finalization of FIDIC based Conditions of Contract for the Design & Build, PPP schemes and other forms or project finance).

After entity establishment, SASLO is retained by most of its education sector clients, advising them on their ongoing regulatory, corporate, commercial, employment, construction, real estate and leasehold matters. We offer:

  • Advising educational institutions with bonds and other finance-related issues.
  • Counselling educational institutions regarding employee benefits and executive compensation.
  • Representing educational institutions in lawsuits in student and employment related claims.
  • Advising educational institutions as to drafting of employee policies and compliance with the Omani Labour Law and other applicable regulations;
  • Representing educational institutions in trade union matters, including collective bargaining, contract administration, grievance processing, labour arbitration etc.;