Environmental impact assessments are a  critical part of any project. The main reason behind assessing this impact is two-fold: first, to propose measures to minimize the environmental impact in order to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and secondly, to ensure that all necessary permits and consents are obtained before the project implementation.

Our team can help identify market, revenue, production, political and other risks, propose methods to mitigate those risks and advise on ways to minimize or reduce any attendant liabilities. Our corporate team has lawyers with specialist experience in environmental laws and have advised numerous clients on requirements of the environmental permits and licenses for various projects. We have also advised clients on the implications of environmental violations. We can assist our clients on environmental issues especially in the power, water and energy sectors. Our services include:

  • undertaking environmental due diligence in any project or property transactions;
  • advising on the implications of non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations;
  • advising and assisting on provisions pertaining to the extent of environment liability in both public and private contracts;
  • advising on licensing and waste management;
  • undertaking environmental impact assessments; and
  • advising on construction claims relating to environmental issues.