Retail and consumer products

Oman is all set to capitalise on the rise in consumerism thanks to favourable demographics, a rise in population and a strong growth trajectory in tourism and per capita income.

A strong contributor to the growth of the sector is proactive initiatives being taken by the government in streamlining the retail infrastructure and strengthening the investment and tourism landscape.

Keeping up with this trend, shopping malls are being built across the country, while the brick-and-mortar retailers are adopting the omnichannel business model across online and offline platforms.

SASLO possesses expert legal experience allowing it to advise retailers and other consumer-facing industry segments on all legal and regulatory requirements their business might face. This includes:

  • advice regarding the protection of customer data according to all applicable laws and regulations;
  • advice and legal representation in disputes and liability claims;
  • advice on the acquisition, development, leasing and sale of the commercial real estate;
  • advice on consumer protection regulations and assistance with claims;
  • licensing, registration and enforcement of copyrights, patents, trademarks and other IP matters;
  • insurance planning and risk assessment against potential liability for consumer products;
  • advice on financing;
  • corporate services including transactions, contracts and agreements, data privacy and security, mergers and acquisitions and related tax considerations.