Agency and distribution

We regularly advise leading principals and distributors on all aspects of their agency arrangements in Oman. We have advised on some of the most high-profile agency agreements in Oman, and we draft these agreements to anticipate the disputes and claims that regularly arise under agency agreements (both contractually and under applicable law and practice in Oman).

Our advice extends, amongst other things, to:

  • The application of the Foreign Capital Investment Law and the Commercial Register Law to foreign manufacturers/supplies wishing to distribute goods or services in Oman;
  • The structuring and drafting of agency arrangements;
  • The drafting of payment and compensation provisions in agency agreements, having regard to the application of the Commercial Agency Law;
  • The registration of agency agreements under the Commercial Agency Law and the Commercial Register Law;
  • The interpretation of agency agreements in the context of the Commercial Agency Law;
  • The application of restrictions on the contractual choice of law, courts and arbitration;
  • The application of the Commercial Agency Law to claims and disputes under agency agreements;
  • The application of the Commercial Agency Law and the Competition Law to agency arrangements.

Selected projects

Advised a British multinational company on terminating its existing agency agreement in Oman as well as on the procedure for the appointment of a new agent.
Acted for a worldwide distributor of medical and dental supplies and undertaken review of their distribution and secondment agreements in Oman.
Acted for one of the world's largest producers of beverages, advising them on various distribution agreements in Oman, advised on terminating their existing agent and the procedure for appointment of a new agent, including advising on tender terms and Non-Disclosure Agreement for tenderers.
Advised a global car manufacturer on several highly complex legal issues concerning the distribution agreement in Oman. One such issue has involved assessing the jurisdiction of the Omani courts in relation to contracts that are not governed by Omani law. We have also been responsible for liaising with ministries and authorities in Oman to identify practical solutions to the issues giving rise to this mandate. The outcome of these discussions set important precedents in Oman.