Trade Route Revival - Chinese Investments into Oman

SASLO's Malcolm Dickinson had the pleasure to discuss the Chinese investment into Oman and the wider GCC/MENA regions with the China Business Law Journal, the only fully-bilingual (English and simplified Chinese) monthly magazine for China-focused business and legal practitioners.

China’s rise as a global investor has had a massive impact on countries around the world as they seek to diversify their sources of foreign direct investment (FDI), especially in critical, capital-starved sectors such as infrastructure, energy, resources and construction. SASLO's Malcolm Dickinson spoke to he China Business Law Journal on China’s ambitious investment strategies to the resource-rich countries of Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Oman is another Middle Eastern country that attracted significant Chinese investment interest.

We are seeing increasing activity from Chinese companies in Oman and the wider GCC [Gulf Co-operation Council] region,” says Malcolm Dickinson, chief executive officer of Muscat, Oman-based law firm, SASLO. “Clearly, Oman is a strategic destination for inbound investment into North Africa,” he says. “We are seeing Chinese investment in logistics, manufacturing, infrastructure and finance.”

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A lack of cultural understanding on both sides can sometimes slow down or frustrate transactions,” says Dickinson. “In the past few years, Oman had modernised and improved its investment regime to make it much easier and simpler for foreign companies to invest in the country", he says.

In view of the dynamic of trade and business relations between Oman and China, SASLO has established a specialised practice group, known as China desk, that provides legal assistance to Chinese investors in Oman.

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