Training center

SASLO’s training arm, SASLO LEGAL TRAINING CENTER (“SLTC”) has been established as an independent institute to provide quality legal training to legal and other professionals. It is the only legal training institute in the Sultanate and a pioneer in the region. In today’s global competitive world where change is inherent in any sector of business, learning and educating become a constant process. It therefore becomes imperative for a successful corporate executive to understand how this change would impact on their own area of expertise.

SLTC provides legal training on variety of subjects to not only legal professionals but non-legal, Governmental and Ministerial bodies as well. SASLO with coordination of SLTC periodically conduct several consultation sessions with existing and potential clients to identify training and skill development needs and regularly conducts in-house seminars on developments in local laws and practice. The schedule of our courses is constantly updated and revised to cope and comply with the needs of the professional and business community.


Since its establishment, SLTC has trained over 8,000 people from the private sector, public sector and professionals. These have included many senior public officials, corporate and HR managers, middle, senior and executive management. SLTC has also conducted numerous seminars and conferences open to the public at large and civil society members to develop a better understanding and awareness amongst them about law and the rule of law on various topics in areas of HR and labour, tender law, Court administrative procedures, commercial contracts, judicial skills, banking.

Brief description of various programs and services provided through SLTC is as below:

  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
  • Advocacy Training
  • Public Outreach Seminars
  • In-house Legal Training
  • Legal Translation Training
  • Research Services
  • Translation Services

Some of our most attended courses:

  • Proficiency in drafting commercial contracts
  • The most important topics in labor law and regulations
  • Administrative investigation and the legal safeguards for the public employee discipline
  • Administrative decisions: rules and legal effects
  • Skills of preparation and drafting consulting and legal opinions
  • The legal foundations of tenders and administrative contracts
  • The skills of drafting regulations in the private sector
  • Rules and mechanisms of legal drafting in the public sector
  • Legal skills development for members of the legal departments personnel
  • Development of basic legal skills of Jurists in public sector
  • Administrative cases: assets, procedural and substantive rules
  • Judicial skills in inspection and irregularities control
  • Skills, preparation and drafting of pleadings and legal defenses
  • The rights and duties of the public employee and his role in the protection of public funds
  • Commercial laws in Oman (English)