Litigation and Arbitration

We acknowledge that, when disputes arise, businesses risk losing control. Over and above the potential for direct financial loss, they face wasted management time, unbudgeted costs and the threat of damage to relationships and reputations. We firmly believe that in any commercial dispute situation, it is vitally important to get on top of the problem quickly, to understand client’s options and to implement the best strategy for achieving client’s commercial objectives within their budget and an appropriate timescale.

Our litigation department is at the heart of our commercial dispute management capability. With Oman’s leading litigators, we have the depth of resources and expertise to help you with all aspects of dispute resolution, including ADR and mediation, whatever your dispute, however, whenever and wherever it may arise.

Underpinning our approach to dispute resolution is our system for project managing disputes. Using this system, our commercial dispute lawyers focus on identifying issues early and pursuing the best possible dispute resolution in the most effective way. We are committed to helping the client keep control of disputes and the costs associated with them. By thinking ahead and developing a proactive strategy for dispute resolution, we can help our clients plan the best way to get the right result.

Businesses often face a wide range of commercial contractual disputes. These can range from post acquisition warranty claims to a simple failure to supply goods or services as agreed. The disputes can also involve business critical issues or smaller issues which, while comparatively unimportant, simply need to be resolved. Issues need to be resolved in a positive way while ensuring minimum disruption to the business and more importantly, keeping legal costs proportionate to the issues in dispute.

We have a Corporate Support Unit and a team of lawyers with extensive regulatory experience who are constantly abreast with latest developments and changes in the regulations which enables us to update and advise our clients in planning and implementing these changes as they arise.

Local Court Representation & Advocacy

Through our Litigation department, we have acted for clients of a wide range of size with diversity of case load to match. Our lawyers represent clients every day at each of the three levels of court – Primary, Appellate and Supreme (Cassation). Corporate support is deployed here also in attending to the timely conduct of cases and the procedures that require to be observed and to be followed.

Our Legislative and Public Policy team helps our clients shape public policy before, rather than after, decisions are made, as well as providing guidance on how to respond to the effects of policy once it is made. Our substantive knowledge, discretion and reputation for conducting public policy advocacy with high ethical standards are combined with a wide range of relationships with administration and agency officials, non-governmental organizations, academics and the media that cover the policy making process.

Our team has often prompted the government to adopt new initiatives and our firm’s success in the Sultanate’s courts often involves matters in which we helped secure enactment of the underlying legislation. We understand the rules of the legislative process, how the government operates and how to match the needs of our clients with those of other relevant stakeholders to achieve practical legislative results. We work directly with senior officials in government agencies to help craft legislative and regulatory language. We assist in developing overall legislative strategy for the administrative agencies.

A snap shot of our litigation methodology is given below:

  • preparation of appropriate briefs, memoranda and relevant exhibits for submission;
  • submission of briefs, memoranda and relevant exhibits to the Court;
  • representing clients in proceedings before primary court, appellate and high court;
  • liaison with any Court appointed experts; and
  • assistance and advice in respect of preparation of necessary documents, applications, objections, complaints and grievances before judicial and administrative authorities, ROP and any other government authority.

We also realise that litigation is not the only way to resolve disputes. We are experienced in all kinds of alternative dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration, expert determination and early neutral evaluation. We have acted on some of the major arbitration proceedings in construction disputes, disputes relating to EPC contracts, recovery of money, contractual arrangements. Our Chairman, MrSaid Al Shahry has frequently acted as an arbitrator in major arbitration proceedings.