We have worked most successfully on several corporate commercial matters and litigations undertaken so far for private sector as well as government authorities and companies on account of our clear and fundamental understanding of each one of the multifarious requirements essential to the achievement of success and a firm andcomprehensive understanding of the Omani legal system and the local legal culture and ethos. In litigation matters, it is not only important to understand and deal with the existing issues but also foresee issues and counter claims that may arise during the process. Therefore, it is vital to understand not only the implications of laws and regulations governing that particular sector but also the policy and practice of the government entities and courts which are likely to be involved in such litigation matters. Our success is also attributable directly to our adopting as customary a most pragmatic and creative approach in the face of challenges of each matter and litigation as far as the local regulatory environment was concerned at that time. SASLO took care at all times by adopting this approach to come up with and realise creative solutions to all these challenges and readily and frequently talked them through with the responsible officials.

Our esteemed Managing Partner. Mr Said Al Shahry, was formerly the Head of the Legal Committee of the Majlis Al Shurah from 2004 until 2007, with that committee being responsible for the oversight and procurement of the drafting and preparation of many laws together with their review and recommendation for adoption. From this, it will be appreciated that individually he has gained very significant experience, which we as his colleagues have been pleased to share to our own professional benefit. SASLO has similarly over the years since its foundations developed a very strong understanding of a great number of Oman’s departments of state, notably the Ministry of Legal Affairs, especially when it comes to and the review and application of new legislation.

SASLO has, since its inception, been providing legal services to several government owned entities in various arrangements such as on ad-hoc basis, legal panel arrangements and retainer arrangements.