Corporate, Company & Commercial

We believe that the depth of our understanding of Omani law and practice gathered over 23 years of experience make us well placed to serve our clients from the corporate community.SASLO dovetails local knowledge, practice and expertise with international skills, experience and expertise to best serve the interests of our clients. Our objective is to adopt stratified approaches to ascertain the client’s needs and provide effective local and international solutions and strategic advice.

General Corporate Commercial

We have wide-ranging experience and have assisted clients and rendered legal services in several Corporate and Commercial sectors. We provide a full range of legal advisory services concerning, amongst other things, company incorporation, commercial banking activities, employment, labour, Intellectual Property, Tax and due diligence matters, in depth document review and research.

We have a Corporate Support Unit and a team of lawyers with extensive regulatory experience keeping constantly abreast with latest developments and changes in the regulations which enables us to update and advise our clients in planning and implementing these changes as they arise.

We otherwise have a combination of lawyers with specialist expertise in finance, employment, intellectual property and tax which enables us to envisage and handle several issues that may arise in one corporation.

Corporate Governance

The issue of corporate governance is one that all companies should be aware of but it is particularly relevant to publicly traded companies where it is a key factor in the relationship between a company’s directors and all its stakeholders. Corporate governance should have a strategic value for every company in determining the role of the directors, establishing a system of risk management, providing a system for performance evaluation and ensuring the board is accountable to its shareholders. Effective corporate governance where companies live by these principles invariably leads to the more effective and profitable performance of companies.

We are often called upon to assist our clients by:

  • Advising on the Sultanate’s Governance Code;
  • Reviewing terms and conditions of employment or service for directors;
  • Advising on best practice at AGMs and other communications with shareholders;
  • Providing training for boards;
  • Drafting committee terms of reference and board handbooks; and
  • Reviewing corporate governance statements of policy

Commercial Contracts

In today’s financially constrained world the need to have commercial arrangements which both exploit the benefits of client’s relationships and protect against the down side has never been more important. We believe that an effective and enforceable set of arrangements with both the client’s and its customers is the bedrock of financial success for any business.

The challenge in today’s market is to ensure that not only are the client’s major relationships properly captured and documented, but also the smaller, less high profile ones. A major consideration in meeting this challenge is how to do this effectively whilst keeping a control of the client’s central costs.

SASLO’s commercial team delivers effective contractual solutions for their clients. Our team of ‘client relationship lawyers’ focus on the commercial reality that matters to ensure that the client’s contracts deliver the value and benefits needed. Given our dedicated approach to this area we can be cost effective and insightful, anticipating issues and areas that need to be addressed that the client’s management may not have thought of. In addition, with our contract process review program we can help the client put in place systems that address not only the major high profile relationships but also the client’s routine, day to day business.

We often advice and assist our clients with the following:

  • Reviewing of the project documentation to advise on its legal standing, risk assessment and feasibility of claims from a legal perspective.
  • Reviewing of agency and distributorship agreements, franchising agreements and advising on aspects related to appointment and termination of agents, exclusivity clauses and compensation in cases of termination.
  • Reviewing of confidentiality and non -disclosure agreements and advising on the implications of non-compliance.
  • Reviewing and drafting of the joint venture agreements;
  • Frequently advise on all aspects relating to setting up a company in Oman which includes advising on required approvals, available options for establishing in Oman, available exemptions under the free zone, liaising with the ministries and statutory authorities to take approvals, advising and drafting of shareholders agreements.